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Sammy is a single mother and high-demand film producer in Los Angeles, California. Her hectic life is disrupted when her favorite uncle Eddy dies and she inherits his small hotel on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Sammy and her 2-year-old daughter Alma embark on a journey into her past, that might reveal a new future.

Mi isla Poster.jpg


Written, Director: Sandra Lipski

Producer: Sandra Lipski, Rainer Lipski via Yeah Productions

Executive Producer: Mallorca Film Commission 

Shot on location in Mallorca, Spain

Language: English, Spanish

Supported by: Fet a Sóller

Year of completion: 2022

Editor: Marga Meliá

Subtitles: Eng & Es

Country: Spain

Format: DCP

TRT: 14min



Directors Note

Mi Isla is my love letter to the island of Mallorca, Spain. The story is inspired by autobiographical events and my love for Mallorcas people and culture.


I grew up in Mallorca until I moved to New York to become an actress and further onto Los Angeles to become a filmmaker. This film started with me winning a Pitch competition held by the Mallorca Film Commission. I play Sammy and my actual daughter plays 2-year-old Alma in the film. My husband is the DP ( - it’s a family affair!

Sometimes it feels like my generation has taken the opportunities of travel to a whole other level and we forget how great our home was/is. This is a story about coming home and re-evaluating what really matters in life.

Shot on location in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and Los Angeles California.

I am currently in development for the Feature Film Script version. 

- Sandra Lipski


Film Festivals

Hollyshorts August 2022 - Los Angeles, USA, WorldPremier

NÓT FilmFest August 2022 - Italy, International 

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